Algorand in Spanish: Community growth in 2022

As we are going through the last month of 2022, we wanted to share with all our Algorand members in Spanish, and celebrate together, the incredible growth of the last few months. It has been a wonderful year for the community, where we have been able to enjoy great news, live events such as LABITCONF, exclusive interviews on Twitter Spaces and much more.

The community is everything

We are very excited that all of you are actively part of this incredible community that is Algorand in Spanish, a great family where we all share the same ideal and interest in the incredible Algorand technology. We all know it hasn’t been an easy year, but there’s still plenty to celebrate as mass adoption continues. Many difficult times make us think that it is the end of the road, but without a doubt this is only the beginning.

From the Algorand team in Spanish we are very grateful to everyone who is there, and we are very happy with the community that has been established, for that reason we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support. When we began disseminating Algorand information in Spanish, it was not an easy journey. Many times the data that can be obtained today was not available, even having to analyze the white papers to be able to write the articles and bring them clear explanations.

Over time, this incredible ecosystem began to flourish, and we have witnessed the birth of a large number of important startups that today form the foundation of this wonderful community. With all these projects we are also very grateful because they have given us their time to be able to share more than interesting data together through interviews, simply thank you all very much.

Thanks to the Spanish-speaking projects

We want to briefly mention some of the Spanish-speaking projects in Algorand that give us their support:

First of all, a huge thank you to Pablo Yabo from Rands Labs, who was the one with whom we conducted our first interview on the YouTube channel, and also Sebastian Balestrini from Origino, with whom we always have very interesting talks. On the other hand, thank Charvel, CEO of Wayru, for his time and good disposition always. Many thanks to the entire Trantorian team, especially Seba and Manu, for always giving us the scoop for the entire community.

We are very grateful to Fedor Saldivia for giving us all the news about Neomoon, an incredible digital bank built on Algorand, and very excited to have celebrated together live, through Twitter Space, when they reached 100,000 users. We don’t want to fail to mention Lorenzo De Leo and the entire Algorand Miami Accelerator team for the incredible work they do to establish quality projects within the Algorand ecosystem.

We also want to extend our thanks to all the Agrotoken and Koibanx teams for the incredible work they do. Another of the disruptive projects that deserves to be mentioned for its contributions to the ecosystem is TravelX, since they have managed to incorporate Algorand technology into the air ticket industry, undoubtedly being one of the most relevant use cases in recent times.

We want to mention as well the Cracks and Gunny teams for the incredible work they do in terms of entertainment, managing to establish themselves as very promising projects within the Spanish-language ecosystem. We are also very excited with the projects from other latitudes that are interested in disseminating their projects to the Algorand community in Spanish, as is the case of «Day By Day», for which we especially thank Sebastian Montoya CTO of the company for give us all the news.

Finally, we thank all the people of the Algorand Foundation, for their tireless work, accompanying this incredible ecosystem on a day-to-day basis.

Growth of the Algorand community in Spanish

Since we began this adventure we have experienced great emotions together as a community, with the aim of always bringing you the latest news from the Algorand ecosystem in Spanish. We continue to generate content every day, with quality translations so that not even the smallest detail is lost. We have generated a large amount of original content, analyzing the most disruptive technology and projects of the moment.

This year we began to carry out interviews through «Twitter Space», where we have the opportunity to inform ourselves live directly from the words of the most important players in the industry. Another of the milestones of this year has been the exclusive coverage of LABITCONF 2022, where we were able to share with the entire Algorand ecosystem a true party of the crypto universe, full of news. Also this year we began to carry out our «Algocast» newscasts on YouTube, through which we bring you a weekly video summary with all the news of the ecosystem. In turn, we shared the clips on the TikTok social network, with growing interest from the community.

If you have not seen the exclusive coverage of Algorand in Spanish of LABITCONF 2022 yet, we leave you the link to YouTube: here

Growth in the last 6 months:

We want to share with you some of the most important achievements we have achieved this year, just in the last 6 months:

  • Growth on Twitter: +700% followers, reaching 10,000 followers / +2,000,000 Tweet impressions.
  • Instagram: +300% increase in followers.
  • Youtube: +500% growth in followers.
  • Telegram: +250% in follower growth.
  • Spaces: +15 Twitter Spaces with Algorand’s top-of-the-line projects. With audience peaks of +2,000 listeners.
  • Ecosystem Interviews: Exclusive coverage of LABITCONF 2022.
  • Content in Spanish: writing original articles in Spanish / translations covering the entire Algorand ecosystem.

Without a doubt, the Algorand community in Spanish continues to grow by leaps and bounds, thank you very much to everyone for being a part and continuing to share the Algorand fever together.


At Algorand in Spanish we are very excited about the growth that the community is currently experiencing, and that is why we wanted to share it with all of you and thank you. Although 2022 was not an easy year, there are reasons to celebrate. Together we will continue to share all the news of the ecosystem.

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